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Citydev is the public institution of the Brussels Region that invests in housing and urban renovation. Participation is an important part of the development projects. The projects include social housing but are usually a mixed development of housing and other functions, often also as a new destination for historic or classified buildings.

In 2017, Citydev created a participation service. The implementation of the participation program was granted to the consortium of Citytools, Createlli and Speculoos through a tender process.


The participation process starts at the beginning of the development project; as soon as a building or land has been acquired and the project is still in idea phase. The participation is organised in 4 phases:

Launch and analysis: We involve local residents, potential tenants and other stakeholders. After providing information about the project idea, we ask input about the needs, challenges and opportunities they see. Both digitally and through workshops. The result of this analysis is entirely added to the challenge of the the architecture competition.

• Project: We support the architect to further develop the winning design with the stakeholders. The preliminary design is presented, further explored together and the final design is again presented for feedback before it enters the approval phase.

• Construction: before the start of the construction site, we reflect with local residents about how we can best manage the impacts. Communication remains open during the work.

• Inauguration: there is a formal inauguration together with the stakeholders and also an evaluation of the entire process.

During the entire project, the participation process is both physical and digital. We offer a broad toolbox of possibilities to effectively support the project. Thus, we always reach a wide public in the right way, and the participation becomes richer and more representative.

Each individual project has its own community, own process and calendar. The platform allows project managers and stakeholders to participate in multiple projects and events simultaneously with one account.