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BXL 2021: Together towards the city of tomorrow



BXL 2021 is an ambitious project of the city of Brussels that aims to involve the citizens on the design of  the new administrative center design and on the organization of the administrative services: the electronic counter, the decentralization in the districts, opening times, information points, online services, mobile app, etc.


Createlli conducted a preliminary study in a preparatory phase. The process of this project is based on a dual participation method that combines online and offline participation. The conclusions of one phase are used as the basis for the next phase. This made possible to collect all relevant information from the city of Brussels, other studies, examples from other cities and the questions that the BXL 2021 project team wanted to ask the citizens. At the end of the preliminary study, a first version of the online survey was presented in a workshop with all stakeholders and associations, to validate the scope, process and content of the survey.

administration. Finally there is a physical phase: in which the results of the online survey are interpreted with employees and vulnerable target groups within workshops. There were three summary themes on these workshops: the building and the counters: how do you make it efficient and pleasant? Inclusiveness: how to simplify procedures and make them effective for people with a foreign mother tongue or a disability? The electronic counter: how can the website and the e-counter be accessible to everyone in all languages?


The entire participation process has proven to be very successful. 2750 people participated in the process: 2583 in the online survey and 175 people during the physical workshops, so a larger number and wider range of profiles were reached thanks to this dual method.