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Project Context & Goal

The city of Bilbao launched a 1 year long project to improve the sound aspect of life in the city, both to reduce negative impacts of noise, as well as to increase the positive impact of nice city sounds. The city wanted to have a clear participation aspect to the project. Createlli acted as a subcontractor to PH+ and Tecnalia, enhancing the participation with digital tools to increase engagement and insight.

What we did

March/April 2016 - Digital consultation, collective knowledge building

Through a digital survey in Spanish / Basque, with questions on sound experience, noise, opportunities, public space use for each district, we collected 500 experiences
We supported the city with material for the communication campaign.
of the social data by gender, age, district, connection with the city.

May 2016 - Integration citizen data with noise modelling data to 1 model

Citizen’s input was integrated with Economic activity, traffic, noise sources, building types, noise complaint data
Established the BIOSON model: the city modelled in Acoustic Action Units of 200 x 200 m
SWOT analysis for Units in pilot districts

June 2016 - Workshop: needs and opportunities

Digital workshop registration
Workshop to detail the needs and possibilities

July - October 2016 - Elaborating solutions

Temporary and permanent changes to environment
Drafting changes to local legislation
A sound repository for the city

Nov 2016 - Workshop - Feedback on solutions

Digital workshop registration
Workshop where people could give feedback to the proposed solutions from the city and the experts

March 2017 - ongoing - Mediation for some neighborhoods

The project was extended, we are currently helping stakeholders in some neighbourhoods to improve the living, in collaboration with all stakeholder groups


PH+, responsible for the participation part of the entire project.
Tecnalia , responsible for the entire project, the sound technological aspect and the environmental psychologist.


Physical Stakeholder mapping, Design of the consultation with environmental psychologists, Consensus Map, Needs and Opportunities Workshop, Solutions Feedback workshop, Mediation
Digital The Citizen app (communication, anonymous and registered participation, consultation, stakeholder analysis, consensus map analysis, digital workshop support, private communities) and Google Maps.


Very successful consultation campaign: 66% of visitors participated: 500 answers across most stakeholder segments; Monitoring and analysis of stakeholder segments: easy tracking of participation and analysis of the answers per segment.
BIOSON-model with action units and a sound repository, GIS-referenced, with a lot of data enabling the city to manage sound noise very locally
A proposal for new municipal bylaw, that takes into account the real situation of the neighborhoods, and the citizen's perception and needs of the sound and the noise in their city.
Opening of one centralizes service for managing citizen's sound experience

What we learned / improved

Our engagement once on Citizen was great, highly effective user flow.
Very good feedback on our built-in reporting and support.
We improved the interaction with Google: filtering input, leveraging google search, importing google maps data to provide it with the results.
We piloted the digital workshop support in this project and improved it.
We also provided closed community communication and exchange for the mediation part.

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