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Participation on the political plan of Dilbeek



The ring around Brussel goes through a protected Belgian forest and serves as a connection between physical and cultural borders. This road suffers also from recurrent traffic jams in several points. Therefore, a research has been developed to analyse the situation and take steps to improve the road, the bicycle connections and the ecological environment.


In this project only the digital participation is carried out by Createlli, being the workshops and information sessions leaded by Omgeving and the Werkvennootschap. The project has several research levels and, several participation phases too. 

First phase - The current situation was analysed via an online campaign, aiming to detect the most negative points and the reasons to why the positive work so well.

Second phase - With the information collected in the first phase proposals were developed by the research team of Omgeving and, in a second participation, the agreement level to these was asked to the public in order to gather support.  


Both the digital campaigns have proved successful. 

• In the first campaign more than 1340 participants gave their impression of the situation of the Ring around Brussels

• Thanks to the results of the first campaign, where more than 9050 locations were addressed, technicians and the research team could develop proposals. 

• In the second phase 20 proposals were shown and explained to the public.

• At 23/04/2019 the participant number of the second participation phase was almost of 1250 people.