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Larrabetzu - Strategic plan

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Context & Goal


Larrabetzu is a small town at the outskirts of Bilbao, Spain, with 2,000 inhabitants, and it's town hall, when changing the Strategic Plan for 2025, wanted to count with the point of view of the population in the town too, to construct together the future of the town.

The municipality was rethinking 10 topics of great effect in society, as they are housing, economy, residues, environment, basque language, culture, education, youth, sports and historical memory. Each topic had a context, a development level and an interest in society. Such complexity also required the citizens to be informed and qualified before being enquired.

For this purposes the digital tool Citizen was required, both to inform the citizens as to engage them in several exercises.


The Participatory Project

The project had several phases gathering virtual and physical participation. An information campaign was launched firstly, informing citizens, and simultaneously a communication campaign, spreading the word of the process. The online questionnaire was opened before the offline sessions and also while the sessions took place. 

Regarding those, there were two sessions for each of the topics that took place at the Errebale Palace, where the citizens analysed their views on the topics in debate with the other participants to reach a much richer conclusion. In the first half of 2018 only 6 of the 10 topics were analysed. The other topics will be discussed further in time.

In this case, another phase of the virtual participation will be launched starting september 2018.



More than 50 participants already submitted their views and thoughts in the online campaign, which is still opened. On the offline sessions that already took place 60 participants per interaction showed up and joined the exercises. 

Both the client, the town hall, and the participants responded very positively to the project and found it interesting and enriching.


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