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Gender Perspective Integration



PERRI is the name of the Special Plan for the restoration and reform of Bilbao La Vieja Area. The goal of this project is to include Gender Perspective in the Plan in order to create a more inclusive Plan. The Participation process aims to gather as many and the widest variety of opinions of people who live, work or spend their leisure time in PERRI Area. These are the main goals: 

To analyze the PERRI of Bilbao La Vieja as well as the reality of its application and management in daily life in public-space and buildings, from a gender perspective.

• Development of a participated technical diagnosis about the current situation that will be verified and complemented by citizens and social agents.

• To obtain proposals for improvement that contribute to the promotion of equality in the Bilbao La Vieja. As that in the previous objective, these proposals will be of technical origin, but then contrasted and complemented by citizens and social agents.

• To train, inform and sensitize on equality between women and men in the Planning field; public space, buildings and the regulations that regulate them. 



The methodology has three consecutive stages: preparation, participation and evaluation. Communication is developed throughout the whole process.

In the preparation stage, a map is created to organize and specify the participation: the agents that are going to be invited, the topics that will articulate the process, and the content and materials of participation and communication.

The participation stage is divided into three phases which are Analysis, Diagnosis and Improvement proposals, and they are carried out on several formats:

  • • Formation and contrast session with Municipal technicians.
  • • Public participatory sessions with people who live, work or spend their leisure time in the area.
  • • Personal interviews with neighbors from the area with different gender, age and social profiles. 
  • • Digital participation through 

Stakeholders went from PERRI neighbors, neighborhood association, to Youth, children and Municipality technicians. 

Even if the process is focused on gender, not only female gender participate in the process. The process stressed on women’s participation but it was open to all the people that were willing to participate. Thus, women associations are specially asked to participate and spread the process. The goal in the beginning of the process is that female participation takes a 70% of the general participation.  


The results reflect the importance that people give to each of the topics and their satisfaction regarding to them. In this case Security, Movility and Time Management were the most important topics for the participants. 

Around 120 people took part in the different participation channels. 85% of those who participated in the public sessions agreed that the sessions were useful to better understand the gender mainstreaming project in the PERRI of Bilbao La Vieja. 100% agreed that the facilitators communicated clearly and easily understood and that the participants communicated respectfully. 92%, 9 out of 10 participants, agreed that they would recommend this type of participatory process.

The contributions of those who participated in the process have been synthesized and incorporated in the technical document of Integration of the gender perspective in the PERRI of the Bilbao La Vieja Area. PERRI will be considered when the modification will be made to adapt to the new PGOU of Bilbao .