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GALDAKAO - Direct public participation in government fiscal policy

Project Context & Goal

For Galdakao City Council the maintenance of some municipal services has a negative balance: the services are not economically sustainable. This affects the capacity of the City to respond to other needs of the municipality. And the dilemma is between maintaining current fees with the deficit that they generate; and increasing fees to reduce the deficit and have more resources for other needs, with the general discontent of the citizens that this could bring.
The goal is to inform the citizens about the current situation: which are the loss-making services and how are they financed. And to work collaboratively with the citizens and other stakeholders, to develop consensus solutions that are optimal for the municipality: feasible socially and economically.

What we will do

February - June 2017

We will optimize the Solid Urban Waste, and Sports Facilities services financing, and costs:
Virtual participation: Information and virtual consultation.
Face to face participation: Information workshops about needs and opportunities, with all 6 different stakeholder groups in parallel.
Virtual participation: Proposals.
Face to face Participation: Proposals workshop.
Virtual participation: Proposals fine-tuning: show the results of Phase 2 to the citizens, so they can comment in order to improve, verify, allege…
Devolution meeting.
Partners This is a full Createlli project we conduct with our own network of experts.
Technologies The Citizen app & Google Maps.
Results The project is still active, but its results are binding.

What we learned / improved

We developed a tax calculator functionality for Citizen. GALDAKAO