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Oberena - Sport facilities



Context & Goal


Oberena, a sports club with 6000 members, is writing a Plan for the restructuring of its facilities, supported by a Participatory Process in both physical and digital ways. 

The objective of the Participation Plan is to inform about the Plan, to contrast current needs and future opportunities and to make collaborative and consensual proposals that contribute to the Plan.The process was open mainly to the members of Oberena, as well as to the sports and cultural sections. To a lesser extent, workers in the facilities and the users of the facilities, not members, were able to contribute their point of view.The Master Plan was divided in four different strategic lines, and participants could choose in which one(s) to participate. Only after contrasting the needs and opportunities of each line, they could raise new proposals, or participate in another strategic line.


The Participatory Project

• Digital participation:  the Citizen platform as a support for the participatory process. Informative page, online questionnaire and proposal gathering  page. The intermediate results from virtual participation were used as a starting point to deep in physical workshops about topics with lack of consensus or opposing views.

• Evaluation and feedback. We do a synthesis of the whole process and the participation report. That enabled to easily combine the quantitative information of digital participation and the qualitative one of the workshops.



Only in the one month and a half, more than 450 people participated in the digital survey and we received more than 50 proposals that will contribute to the plan.