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Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Year | Duration:   October 2018 - March 2019 

Partners: Kahpo Consulting

Client:  Antwerp Cityhall


In 2019, the city of Antwerp was starting a process to write the climate plan for 2030. Thus, the city must dialogue with many stakeholders from civil society such as civil movements and businesses, public services, public authorities in city districts, neighboring towns and municipalities, as well as the province and the Flemish government.

In order to properly prepare exchanges with external stakeholders, the city of Antwerp launched a preliminary phase. The aim was to map the challenges and opportunities of the climate plan with the administration services and autonomous subsidiaries (such as VESPA, Municipal Education or the Healthcare Company).

The city of Antwerp launched a market; Createlli won the contract with Kahpo consulting. Kahpo provided expertise in climate policy and governance, Createlli the participation and support part in the creation of membership. 

The process we designed with the city of Antwerp included:                      

  • ● Preparation within the project team
  • ● Orientation workshops with key players
  • ● A digital questionnaire
  • ● A workshop “The climate market”
  • ● Benchmarks with other famous cities
  • ● A brainstorming workshop with experts


Together with the project team, we identified challenges and stakeholders within and outside the city. On the basis of that analysis, we entered exploratory workshops with key stakeholders in 15 departments and independent subsidiary organizations of the city. We further refined the technical and organizational topics with the most important stakeholders. Through a survey we surveyed deeper and broader within the organization about involvement, content, obstacles, connecting elements, a vision and partnerships.

In a workshop ("Climate Market") we interpreted the results of the survey together and supplemented them with nuances and missing insights. We compared the challenges and ideas of Antwerp in interviews with climate managers of leading examples such as Oslo and Copenhagen. We made an initial synthesis and recommendation from those findings, which we refined in a reflection workshop with internal stakeholders and external experts.


The project team's recommendation includes a substantive component with challenges, opportunities per climate-technical theme, a cooperation analysis, and an organizational / process component with organizational challenges and opportunities, a recommendation for organization, communication and process for the climate plan.