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ViaIrun opens its online participation process


ViaIrun opens its online participation process

The ViaIrun project aims to reorganize part of this city that is at the borders of France. It is the project for the urban renewal of the railway field as a new area of centrality, which aims to strengthen Irun as:

• Friendly city: safe, socially integrated, designed for all people, groups and ages, respectful of the environment, active in facing the climate change.

• City of progress: with sustainable economic activities and economic boost, generators of employment, providing the city with a new service center, economic activities and residential uses that, in addition, guarantee the viability of the intervention.

The intervention of the promenade, due to its importance, will have a great impact on the city itself, and therefore, we must not forget the current and future users, the inhabitants and those who want to cooperate in the united and positive growth of Irún.

For this work an online campaign will be used, starting on the 1st of December, for a wider reach of the population. This campaign, on the Citizen platform of Createlli, has been launched to the public of Irún. You can access it here:

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