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MECHELEN - 5 projects

Project Context & Goal

Mechelen is a mid size town with 84.000 inhabitants between Antwerp and Brussels. The mayor and administration run the city with a very inclusive urban policy and has transformed the city to a positive, collaborative, inclusive community. He was recently awarded the 2016 World Mayor prize. And the main goals are:
To involve a maximum number of people in a positive, constructive way in the city’s projects.
To use participation to involve citizens in concrete and well defined projects, delivering results.
To involve with digital participation citizens with whom the city is not in direct contact without digital tools. That way, more people can be involved directly in improving services of the city that matter for them.

What we do

We are currently working with Mechelen on the following projects. The allow Mechelen, who already has an intensive collaboration with stakeholder associations, to enter in direct communication with its citizens.
What makes you do sports What can the city do for the recreative sporter in the city?
Citizen satisfaction with the city counter Get the citizen’s feedback about their experience with the town hall administrative service desk, and find ways to improve.
Mechelen Shoppingtown Evaluation of the 2016 end year initiatives to attract shoppers to the town centre, and what to improve for 2017.
Mechelen City of the Children How to further improve the program to make Mechelen the most child-friendly city? What should be priorities for 2017/2018?
55+ What can Mechelen do to support the leisure and social life of the active older citizens?


More than 1100 inhabitants have already participated in the first 2 projects.
The city is very satisfied with the number of participants, the easy access for citizens to the campaigns and the flexible and dedicated support of the Createlli team. MALINAS