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GRAND PARIS SUD - Numerical consultation for the 2030 territorial project

grand paris


Grand Paris Sud is a new agglomeration of 24 municipalities with, in total, 330.000 inhabitants. It was created on 01/01/2016 as a merger of 5 smaller agglomerations. In order to shape its own future as a new region, Grand Paris Sud conducted a 2030 Territory Project in 2016. They made the decision of designing this plan by going through a participation process. Furthermore, they wanted to reach participants who usually were difficult to be reached with the traditional channels. Therefore they asked for digital consultation and digital process support. The intercommuncale’s goal was to complement those digital processes with the physical and more conventional participation.

Createlli provided the tools for digital consultation and the analysis of the results; the process itself was led by the agglomeration.


The staff of the intercommunale and a set of sociologist worked hand in hand to expose the questions to the inhabitants of GPS and make them part of the future or the municipalities. For that task Createlli monitored the digital activities and gave support throughout the process. 

We also created the stakeholder persona reporting so that we could constantly monitor the representative participation of all stakeholder groups. The administration and politicians, were provided with the mapped information via Citizen, the digital tool of Createlli.


Participation was monitored in real time, per stakeholder segment so that we could adjust the communication campaign. 2000 opinions collected and with visual and easily understandable reports, made available to the administration and politicians. The results of the paper survey were added to the online results to get a single integrated analysis of the opinion.The administration and politicians of the 24 municipalities were able to analyze the results via our reporting interface (analysis per municipality, age, family and professional context, ...)

To sum up, more than 1900 contributions were developed in the project. Such opinions are gathered in a map, a result of putting together the community's knowledge. 


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