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The PAP (Landscape Action Plan) is a study of the so-called Tonpoi area, located in the municipality of Bermeo.

It’s a space with high environmental, landscape and leisure potential,  considered and perceived by the inhabitants of Bermeo as an area for recreational  and environmental enjoyment. However, with time it has become an abandoned area, degraded and disconnected with other paths, with a high proliferation of gardens and settlements. This has created  a high negative perception and insecurity.

The PAP will help to understand the current social, environmental and landscape problems of Tonpoi, and it will promote and recover the area, which is currently not being energized and visited as it deserves. 

As a contribution to this plan, a participatory process was open to the inhabitants of Bermeo, with both physical and virtual support. The objective is to inform about the Landscape Plan, contrast current needs and future opportunities and make collaborative and consensual proposals to enrich the diagnosis document and contribute to the Landscape Plan.


We offer:

• Digital participation:  the Citizen platform as a support for the participatory process. Informative page, online questionnaire and proposal gathering  page. The intermediate results from virtual participation were used as a starting point to deep in presential workshops about topics with lack of consensus or opposing views.

• Evaluation and feedback. We do a synthesis of the whole process and the participation report.

• Support for the workshops: preparation, design, dinamization and analysis of the results of the workshops.



More than 75 people participated in the online survey, and diverse agents involved took part in the two presencial workshops. Specially successful was to compare and contrast points of view between citizens and technicians and politicians. The needs and opportunities detected by them, as well as their proposals for the future, will be the key for the future actions of the Landscape Plan.