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Architecture for children




Architecture for children.This activity with children, is carried out during the school year through 27 workshops.

The goal of this extracurricular activity developed by 4 and 5-year-old children, is to lead them in the discovery and learning of the physical space around us: starting with buildings, following the neighbourhood and finally approaching the city. This way, throughout the course, girls and boys experience, create and, in a way, design their own "architectures", helped by words, drawings, models and other techniques.

This extracurricular activity is based on sustainable and collaborative urban architecture and design to promote the development of knowledge and skills such as observation and analysis, creativity and experimentation, spatial vision and teamwork. The game is used as an effective tool for learning.



This activity about architecture and children has been carried out with success in several schools: Tiboli Eskola, Urritza Eskola and Mujika Eskola. 




architecture for children