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Water infrastructure on the move

Fixed participation process

Water on the move

Water infrastructure on the move

Flooding and drought are words that we use more often. Unfortunately you only know which stream runs through your neighborhood when you have wet feet.

Together with the Province of East Flanders and the Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij, we are joining forces with the ID-Collective and we are investigating the Zwalm Valley. We are investigating this flood area with all parties involved. Learn more about this participation process on the way to a new river contract.

Following the traject of Maarkebeekvallei, a participation route was approved. In the first instance, a charter is first signed by the various municipal and local authorities, with which they commit themselves to seek measures together with all those involved that reduce the risk of flooding. We also look at the added value that the watercourses in the valley can mean for all users. The result will be recorded in a river contract. This project will take a year. We try to involve as many people as possible: governments, companies, associations and residents.

Be sure to take a look at how this participation process has been mapped out.

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