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Project Context & Goal

The university of Strasbourg wanted to host us for a long workshop on a conference on creativity - to learn about co-creation and smart cities.The city of Strasbourg wanted to learn about how to create an eco-system on the Med-Tech Campus.
Strasbourg has a campus with a university, a hospital and several important research centre, very close to it’s city centre. Recently, the city bought building and land to extend and further develop the campus. The city’s goal is to develop the campus, create 2000 new jobs and attract 50 new companies to the campus, and to integrate it into the city including places to live, learn and recreate.

The Participatory Project

Being a project with loads of stakeholders, doctos, hospitals, personnel, patients, researchers, start-ups, large corporations, authorities... in-person workshops were developed. Interests and needs were firstly discussed, and afterwards, the second step was to co-create, construct together.

The processes were developed only by using offline tools, in physical workshops, gathering all the stakeholders and sitting them in front of each other, on search of enriching the proposals by the exchange.


40 people of 7 stakeholder groups participated, over 85 synergies and 44 conflicts mentioned, 167 ideas were generated of which 20 ideas were elaborated in WS 2, in 3 different co-creation processes. Participants reported back on effectivity of the process & support for the outcome.


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