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Respond faster to end

Customer needs through collaborative innovation


Respond faster to end

Strong trends cause a high need for collaborative innovation:

Competition is no longer between companies, but between networks, eco-systems, valuechains that collaboratively market a valuable solution.
Markets change faster than ever before. To keep up with the change, even market leaders can't invent and innovate fast enough. They need the ideas and expertise of the other players in their network.
Most innovations are only successful if an entire value chain adopts and is prepared to market them. One weak link can kill a great innovation and cost a fortune.
Today's orgnaizations need to be ready to improve customer value and inovate with their eco-system. Internal innovation and R&D managemet, as well as custmer and supply relation management need to collaborate within the company and reach out far into the up and downstream value-chain. In this issue of De Gruyter's Green Processing & Synthesis Frank Dethier and Jan De Kezel explain the vision more in detail.
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