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From North to South Limburg

Participation on your bike

Nood-Zuid Limburg

From North to South Limburg

Do you want to use the Createlli participation web app on the go? It's possible!

During the car-free Sunday in a big municipality in the East of Belgium, a bike tour is organised along some problematic congestion sites. People can participate in an interactive survey at various stops along the bike tour. They are asked for their opinions via an ergonomic application on their own smartphone. The development projects are shown in an intelligent way, so that everyone can comprehend and assess the most complex, urban plans.

While biking you can get an overview of your position and the different nodes on your way. You can even skip one, if it takes you to far. Would you like to repeat the test from behind the computer? In that case you get more information about the area, so that even non-cyclists also have enough information to fulfill the questionnaire. 

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