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Flemish Road Safety Congress

Tailor-made workshops


Flemish Road Safety Congress

The Flemish Road Safety Congress or ‘Vlaams Congres Verkeersveiligheid’ is looking for the right instruments for achieving the target of zero road deaths by 2050. Some good practices may present their innovative tools.

Createlli is also present to demonstrate the ‘Wegwijs’ project around road safety. This project commissioned by the City of Antwerp contributes to the goal of zero road deaths by offering playful workshops to the Antwerp youth associations. Thanks to the participatory tools, the full range of workshops is always adapted to the needs of young people. In this way, road safety awareness is pulled away from a school context, but is reinvented in a young and playful context.

Visit our project website and learn more about the range of workshops that are offered to make Antwerp youth aware of road safety

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