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The citizens app



After 18 months of research and development and a handful of successful projects with co-creation customers, we have launched our new participation app - CITIZEN

The Citizen app is not just built by Createlli. We listened, You talked

Before we deveped one line of code, we spent 9 months listening to participation professionals in cities, project and development organisations, leaders of sociatal transformation projects. We listened to their stories, clarified their big challenges, identified what could make their job easier and give them more impact in their exchange with stakeholders and citizens.
Mid 2015 we had exchanged with over 50 people in 7 countries, with the help of universties and research centres in Finlanf and Turkey, part of the C3PO project in whose context the Citizen app was developed.

We drafted, You improved, We co-created

Then we started drawing what a solution could look like. We designed, discussed, fine-tuned, showed the ideas to our network of professionsals, started over, improved,.. and started coding.

You and we tested - One process

Mid october we were ready for the first pilot project, on one proces in one phase of an urban development project. The first citizens used the Citizen app to give input on how their city could change. We learned a lot from how people used it and where they got stuck. We improved the feedback and voting process.

In meantime, our Spanish team worked on another pilot, to identfy and map citizens needs, and how to analyze the different opinions between stakeholder groups. A French customer joined this co-creation project, and within a few months we could test and improve a entire new module in 3 more languages, AND we could support a bi-lingual project in Basque and Spanish.

In parallel, we started using the Citizen app to support workshops: prepare participants by taking them thorug a learning cycle so they came well prepared to the workshop, and we knew what thier mindset was before they entered the room. That way, we could co-create solutions in a 1 day workshop for issues what a team of 30 people had been strugging with for months. After the workshop, Citizen was used to prioritize the solutions and communicate the results.

We co-created a tool designed to grow with us

Along the way, we have built Citizen further to become what the initial vision was: a powerful tool to support cities and project initiators along the entire project. With lots of process-blocks that can nicely be fit together like a meccano. Allowing you to easily build participation procsses that fit to your project and the stakeholder group you are working with. Processes that are extremely easy to use for your stakeholders and citizens. Digital processes that seamlessly merge digtial and physical participation. Communication in a community space where you can keep contact with your growing public and invite them again weeks or months later to exchange on the next iteration of the project.


And today, we're ready to launch a complete service: an application we host for you and we complement with all the services you need to get results for you and your stakeholders & citizens.


You, that is cities and all other authorities who need to exchange with people about their services and projects. You, that is also all project initiators or leaders who work on private or public projects that need the wisdom and the support of the public to become better, stronger, nicer and get more support.

Our help

Some of you will need more service, some less to none. We're here to make sure you get success out of the Citizen app. Our goal is not an app, our goal is success for you and your stakeholders.

Look forward

This is only the beginning. Digital participation is used since a while in various formats, but a lot so far has been testing, trials. Some processes have made it to hypes, some stayed, some faded out. But participation stayed. And the digital stays. Slowly but surely we learn how to get value from the digital and use it so it improve our real life. The same is starting to happen with digital participation. It's the beginning though. To succeed, you need a digital toolbox that is flexible to grow with you, your projects and your stakeholders.
You will be around for a while, your stakeholders too. Your pojects will vary a lot. How you exchange with your stakeholders may vary a lot, depending on the challenge, context, your margin to maneuver, the public's opinion, etc.. You need participation tools designed to be flexible and lasting with you throughout your journey and that of your stakeholders.

That is what the Citizen app is made for. That's where we as a Createlli-team want to help you to succeed.

Let's co-create the future of participation!

Contact us for a full brief and a engaging discussion about...
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