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GRAND PARIS SUD - Consultation Numérique pour Projet de Territoire

Project Context & Goal

Grand Paris Sud is a new agglomeration of 24 municipalities with in total 330.000 inhabitants. It was created on 1.1.2016 as a merger of 5 smaller agglomareations. In order to shape its own future as a new region, Grand Paris Sud conducted a Territory Project in 2016. They managed the participation process themselves. They requested help for a digital consultation and digital process support. The intercommuncale’s goal was to complement the physical participation and meetings with digital processes.
Createlli’s goal is to turn a successful consultation into meaningful follow up activities to further catalyze the participation with digital levers.

What we did

July - October 2016

The staff of the intercommunale and a sociologist have prepared a set of topics they want to consult the inhabitants of GPS about.
Createlli designed and conducted a digital consultation:
We designed the stakeholder segmentation to track and report the participation across a representative part of the population.
We designed, tested, approved the entire user-experience.
We monitored and report the representative participation week by week.
We provided a participation report and a analysis tool allowing to analyse results by municipality, age group and other stakeholder attributes. ​

November - December 2016

Consolidation of the digital and paper forms.
The results of the paper-forms and the digital answers were consolidated.
The consolidated results are uploaded in the Citizen CONCSENSUS MAP, to provide insightful analysis for the administration and politicians of the agglomeration.

Partners This is a full Createlli project we conduct with our own network of experts.
Technologies The Citizen app and Google Maps.
Results 1900 opinions of Grand Paris Sud Citizens are available in the Consensus Map Reporting.

What we learned / Improved

During this project, we enhanced our poll-functionality and the branding of the Citizen pages to a url, color-scheme and context of the agglomeration's branding. Web Design GRAND PARIS SUD