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Deep Renovation / Eurhonet

Project Context & Goal

Eurhonet, association of social housing companies, searches to establish a consortium to start a project to remove market barriers for deep renovation. The goal is to see more deep (high impact on energy performance) renovation in social housing across Europe. Eurhonet asked Createlli to help with a co-creation workshop, to identify the main barriers, and identify first solutions. Eurhonet’s Goal was to have a clear project goal, agreed and supported by all potential partners.
Createlli’s goal was to deliver a good workshop outcome, through using Citizen as digital enabler before and after the workshop.

What we did

February / March 2016

Before the workshop - interviews supported by Citizen.
We interviewed stakeholders (housing associations from S/IT/FR/UK/D, tenants association, lobbyists, consultants, … ).
We mapped their input about the main goals/challenges to their stakeholder profile, as visual input to the workshop.
We facilitated the workshop (elaborating the challenges, mapping the stakeholders, identifying solutions).
Used citizen for participants/stakeholders to vote for the proposals of the workshop we provided a debrief report.
Partners Grant@vice, innovation consultant, introduced us and deeply involved in the project.
Lateral Thinking Factory specialist in future living solutions, helped to prepare workshop content.
Technologies The Citizen app and google Maps.
Results Highly productive workshop, clear set of goals supported by the stakeholders.

What we learned / improved

Interview support and visualisation was great input for the WS.
Everyone came prepared and was ready to elaborate the questions.
We had a great oppty to visualize & report text answers.
Scoring the WS output was great to create support.
Need to balance information during a WS, full briefing of all details can be info overload. EUROPEAN HOUSING NETWORK